Welcome to the Multi-Species cMonkey Trac!!

From this page, you can access our multi-species cMonkey tool - a novel biclustering algorithm that detects putatively co-regulated gene groupings which are conserved across multiple species via the integration of multiple supporting data types such as RNA expression, associations (network links) and sequence data.

This project is an extension of our previous  cMonkey method, and can be used to analyze single species data sets as well. Currently, we provide version 0.9 on this site - the version used to generate the result published in (in submission). More information on how to use this version can be found from the link below.

As data preparation (retrieval, formatting and management) is typically the most challenging issue encountered when using MSCM, we will SOON make a new version available (ver. 2.0), that provides a utility to automatically do this for users. It will also support a manual mode that will allow users to provide the data they wish to analyze. Please check back regularly for updates to this page to find when access to this version will be available.

Where do I begin?

  1. Multi-Species cMonkey version 0.9 - The version of MSCM used to generate the results published (in submission). THIS IS THE VERSION WHICH SHOULD BE USED

Where do I begin SOON?

  1. Multi-Species cMonkey version 2.0 - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - This version will feature a utility to automatically prepare the data analyzed by MSCM.

Where will I find more details?

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